being creative

I am a creative

I get distracted by colours , shapes and texture. Very easily . And willingly of course. So much so that I am committing to the mother of all New Years Resolutions. I am starting this new blog, this very personal blog, to allow you to join with me if you are interested (and lets be honest , it is also to hold me true and steady! ) I am committing myself to spending the next 52 weeks being just that : creative. Goodbye shops, goodbye impulse purchases, goodbye supermarket specials, goodbye confusion. Hello insight, hello choices, hello sanity, hello spending more craft time with my little miss 3. So the very basic premise I am giving myself is this : I have to make it. Birthday cards, presents, clothes, whatever life throws at me. With my hands and my head (and maybe a helping foot..) I hope to tackle some creative problems that will simplify my overall life and give me pleasure in knowing I am minimizing my personal and families impact on our world. Too simple ?? or too complex ??I guess only time will tell. Well it doesn’t actually bother me either way. And I hope it doesn’t bother you either !! Here is to looking forward to a year of problem solving, and of course being creative !